Town Board Meeting




June 19, 2022


7:00 PM


Call Town Board Meeting to Order


Approve May Minutes


Treasurers Report


Approve June bills for payment


       Planning – Zoning:


       EAA Winnebago County Conditional Use Application

       Lamar Sign appeal

       Fiebig Parcel Combination

       Knier CSM


 Old Business:  Act on the Following;

a.)    Road Conditions

New Business: Discuss and/or Act on the Following;


1.      Reserve “Class B” Liquor license for:

·         Sleepy Hollow Camp Ground,

·         The R Campground,

·         The Sports Shed

2.      Temporary “Class B” Liquor license for

·         EAA – Vintage Café

3.      Class A Liquor license for:

·         EAA Red Barn Store

·         EAA Red One Market

·         EAA Camp Scholler Store

·         Brighton Acres

4.      Floodplain Zoning

5.      Janitor Applicants


Resident Comments on Agenda Topics


Future agenda items